The beginnings of Cedar Swim was born in 2013 when Yvonne, although unqualified at the time, taught her very first pupil, a family friend, to overcome a fear of water, to master the art of buoyancy and basic swimming skills. 

By 2015, when a change in career was imminent, her love of children and swimming, coupled with a desire to make a difference in the lives of South Africans, by giving them swimming as a life skill, led the path to working towards more formal qualifications, and opening up a swim school.

Yvonne has since qualified as a learn to swim instructor with both Swimming South Africa and Swim Dynamics, and has qualified as a baby instructor with Swim Dynamics.  Yvonne is also a registered member of KZN Aquatics.  She holds an up to date level one and CPR first aid certificate, and is Police cleared.  Yvonne gained experience by working under the careful guidance of Lauren Roberts, the KZN Tutor and Examiner of the Swim Dynamics Instructor Training, and owner of Fins and Flippers Swimming School.


Cedar Pools was the name of Yvonne’s late Dad’s company, and so Cedar Swim is named in memory of him.  The Cedar tree is a very strong, resilient tree, and symbolises incorruptibility, protection and strength, which are qualities that are important as a leader and teacher.

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Cedar Swim is situated in the tranquil garden suburb of Dawncliffe in Westville, Durban.  Cedar’s pool is heated and protected by a canopy.  The depth of the main pool is 1.2 metres, and the baby play area is 40cm deep.  The pool water is regularly tested by a reputable industrial chemist.  There is a toilet and changing room next to the pool.

There are classes for babies from 6 months to 2 years old, a weaning class from 2 years to 3 years old, and learn to swim classes from 3 years up to 100 years.  At the moment, our adult learn to swim class is offered to ladies only.

Classes are fun, stimulating and interactive, and all students work towards receiving milestone certificates that are issued in June and November.  We aim to ensure that all of our students embrace a lifelong love of swimming, water play and water fitness.  Swimming is one sport that encourages superb co-ordination and balance, offers a complete physical workout and is excellent for cognitive development.  Swimming classes encourages socialisation from a young age, as babies, children and adults alike typically meet with other babies, children and adults.




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